I Found A

When I went to my dad’s office to clean. I looked in the closet and found a mouse.My dad asked me to pick it up,so I had to do it.Then I realized it was alive ,so I thought it was fun

. .

\_/ Your Friend Jackson

I am 11 :)

On December eighteen it is my birthday.I love birthdays especially mine I am sure you can agree.When I turned eleven I was jumping on my couch and just going crazy.Three days ago I was having a sleepover with my two best friends.They did not stay the night I was fine with that though.We watched a movie and played some soccer and Terraria.That was my birthday.:)


This is a list of my fears,

#1. Olives cause they are gross 🙁

#2. Going somewhere and my pants rip……..again

#3. Bees and Wasps

#4. Whales and Sharks

What 5th grade is like

When I got in 5th grade It was pretty boring, but the 2nd week was cool because we got to do things like math, reading, and science. With the fun beginning, I also have three wonderful teachers that help me when I am stuck. I like going to school and learning things.

Your Friend,

Jack Priebe

With BeyBlades

With BeyBlades you can battle with friends in stadiums, and you can train. With BeyBlades you can change parts, and colect parts. To battle with BeyBlades you need a reper, and you need a holder, and you need a strong BeyBlade.

Super Kaylee

wunns a poe a time thar wusa girl named kaylee she wus in a cave she herd a sownd she went to deskover thar wus nothing thar she herd it aign nothing thar therd times the charm ahhhhhhhhhhhh its a baer she fegerd out its a frendly bear

The end